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November 15-18

Seattle & online

2021 Summit video library

Using Power Apps in Power BI Reports: Enabling Writeback

Shabnam Watson

The Power Apps visual in Power BI is a powerful tool for adding writeback and other functionality from Power Apps applications to Power BI reports. Using the Power Apps visual, users can update data in real time from their Power BI reports which can then be immediately reflected in the reports. This session will give you an introduction to Power Apps and how to integrate them with Power BI reports. First, you will first learn how to create a simple multi-platform application that reads and updates data from a SQL table. Next, you will learn how to use the Power Apps visual in Power BI to create a similar application that works from within Power BI and not only can write back data to the SQL source but it can also trigger page refreshes so that changes are reflected immediately in the Power BI report. All of this can be done with a few lines of code. This is an intermediate session.