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How to make the most of Summit 2023

November 02, 2023

Whether you’re a returning delegate, or it’s your first time attending PASS Data Community Summit, our practical tips will help you make the most of this year’s in-person event (14-17 November, Seattle, WA).  

Before you go

  • Ok first things first… plan ahead.

With over 150 different sessions taking place over 5 different tracks, use the session catalog on the Attendee Portal or download Summit 2023 mobile app to make the most of each day.

We have a stellar line-up of events, including pre-cons on the 13 and 14 November, and Keynotes each morning where you’ll hear the latest exciting announcements from Redgate, Microsoft, and community experts. Check out the full schedule here, and view some session highlights here.

Tip if you’re a first timer:
Think about one or two workplace challenges you’d like to find a solution to, and do your best to find the answer at Summit. This can also be a great conversation starter!

  • Engage with the SQL Server Community before you go

Now’s the time to let the data community know that you’re going to #PASSDataSummit – connect with fellow attendees and share what sessions you’re looking forward to.

Download the “I’m attending” profile picture and follow the instructions (MS Paint 3D | Photoshop) to add it to your social network profile.

Tip if you’re a first timer: Connecting with a few friendly faces online before the event is a great ice-breaker for when you meet them in person at the Welcome Reception (November 14).

We’d recommend reaching out to the community on Twitter, LinkedIn, the SQL Server Community or dedicated #pass-summit Slack channels! Introduce yourself and don’t be afraid to ask the community for any tips.

  • Share your experience with a junior colleague

If you have an ambitious junior colleague why not recommend they come along with you on Friday November 17 for just $395?

With a massive 55% saving on the standard price this is a great way of supporting the next generation of data professionals.

Junior colleagues just need to register using discount code FRIDAYCOLLEAGUE395 at checkout.

Whilst you’re there

  • Disconnect from work and explore

Schedule your out-of-office and reassure your colleagues that you’ll share your learnings and some all-important swag when you get back. It’s important to fully immerse yourself without any distractions; #PASSDataSummit only happens once a year, so make the most of your time here.

Tip if you’re a first timer: Check out the Community Zone where you can connect with peers informally, and don’t be afraid to take breaks during Summit to look after yourself. Many of our speakers have said that it took them some time to learn their limits, so please do what’s best for you.

  • Get networking

Make sure to bring your business cards and use Summit as an opportunity to meet new peers and expand your network. You never know how the new contacts you meet here may help to accelerate your career in the future.

Tip if you’re a first timer: Networking is arguably the most valuable element of attending this in-person only event, so don’t be afraid of running late to sessions if you’re having those spur-of-the-moment hallway conversations.

Our speakers recommend taking advantage of informal down times, such as meals, to network informally. As one speaker put it ‘If you eat a meal by yourself, you are doing it wrong.’ Please don’t be afraid of saying hello to people you don’t know; to help break the ice mentally prepare 3 simple questions that you can reuse, such as:

  • Is this your first Summit? When did you first attend Summit? Why did you decide to visit this year?
  • What session has been your favorite so far? Do you already follow that speaker on social media? What did you learn from the sessions you’ve attended?

Lastly, if you’re waiting for a session to begin you could spark a conversation with the people sitting near you. You might like to ask ‘What brings you to this session’, or ‘Have you listened to this speaker before?’

  • Check out the Exhibit Hall

Visiting the Exhibit Hall is the best place to learn about how our Exhibitors’ products and services can support you. Make sure to check out some of the great social events and prize draws happening throughout the week!

Read our Exhibit Hall blog post for more information.

Tip if you’re a first timer: Don’t feel shy about grabbing all the swag to take home with you, it’s for you to enjoy (PS. stop by Redgate booth 100 for a chance to meet the team, discuss the latest product features and grab a limited-edition Lego Kathi Kellenberger whilst stocks last).

  • Have some fun!

What truly sets Summit apart is the community, and that’s precisely why we’ve ensured that there are plenty of opportunities to network and connect with your peers throughout the week.

Whether it’s participating in Games Night, Rockaroke at the Welcome Reception, or the annual community-led PASS Data Community Wednesday Morning Run, we can assure you that there’s plenty to do whilst you’re at #PASSDataSummit !

Check out some of the community events here.

Tip if you’re a first timer: We highly recommend attending the Welcome Reception at 6pm on Tuesday 14.

When you get back

  • Type up your notes

Whilst everything is fresh in your mind we really recommend typing up any notes, and reaching out to any new contacts you made on social media. ‘Strike whilst the iron is hot’ and this will really set you up for success long-term.

  • Share your photos, knowledge (and your swag!)

What did you love most about PASS Data Community Summit? What did you learn? Who did you enjoy meeting?

Share your thoughts and photos on social media. We love seeing what you got up to, so don’t forget to tag us @PASSDataSummit and use hashtag #PASSDataSummit

Remember that work problem you were looking to solve at Summit? Go through your notes and share the solutions you discovered with your boss and the wider team (this will also help ensure that you don’t have to keep justifying coming to future Summits!).

  • Follow updates for PASS Data Community Summit 2024

We’re certain you’re going to love #PASSDataSummit and you’re going to make lifelong personal and professional connections. There’s really nothing like coming to Summit in person, so keep following for updates as we’ll shortly announce dates and early-bird price rates for PASS Data Community Summit 2024!

Handy Resources

Tip if you’re a first timer: Check out this amazing first timers guide put together by Edwin M Sarmiento. Thanks Edwin!

Watch our new YouTube playlist featuring videos with Steve Jones, Grant Fritchey, and Ryan Booz on their tips for #PASSDataSummit .


We’re really looking forward to seeing you in Seattle!

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