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November 15-18

Seattle & online

2021 Summit video library

AWS for SQL Server professionals

Yogi Barot, Runeet Vashisht, Rasheed Abdul, Pratip Bagchi, Julius Sacramento, Eugene Stepanov, Brad Webber, Anuja Malik, Allan Mitchell

Proceeds from this full-day training will be donated by Amazon Web Services (AWS) to the National Inclusion Project. This full-day boot camp is intended for SQL Server DBAs who work with .NET deployment teams to right-size, deploy, monitor, and maintain databases for enterprise applications. Learn how to evaluate, plan, and migrate SQL Server databases and .NET applications to AWS. Understand the benefits of Amazon RDS for SQL Server and Aurora, as well as how Babelfish for Aurora PostgreSQL helps run .NET applications without a code rewrite. Learn easy-to-use tools developed to containerize existing monolithic .NET applications or port to .NET core to take advantage of cloud elasticity and agility. Evaluate the right target for your online transaction processing (OLTP), analytical processing (OLAP), and unstructured data as you modernize your applications.